Price Levels

by Arty, The Creator of Forex Elite

Currency pairs move from level to level. If you know the specific prices of these levels, you can simply trade from level to level. You don't need any indicators or a fancy strategy to do this. Price Levels are the single most important thing you need to know. It's the ultimate secret to forex.

There Are 2 Major Price Levels

One major level is known as Figures. Figures are prices that end in 00. As a freebie, I show you many examples of the trades I take at Figures on my YouTube channel. However, there is another major Price Level that is equally as important. Half of my trades I take at Figures, the other half I take at the other major Price Level, which I disclose in the course. Many days there might not be setups available at Figures, but there might be great setups available at the other major Price Level. It's just as important to know the other major Price Level, otherwise you'll be missing out on half of these excellent trades.

What You Will Learn

First and foremost, you will learn all the major Price Levels. You will also learn the important concept behind Price Levels. I don't want you to only look for patterns to trade at these Price Levels. I want you to go one step further and understand conceptually what is happening at these Price Levels. Once you learn the concept, you will better understand how to trade forex correctly. The course will also show you how to properly trade from one major Price Level to the other major Price Level. Knowing all the Price Levels, the concept, and examples of how I trade from level to level, is exactly what you will learn from this course.

No Indicators

This course will teach you how to trade without any indicators utilizing my Price Levels system. Knowing all of the important Price Levels and understanding how to trade them without indicators is the first step to success. Without learning Price Levels, no strategy will work in the long run. One of the most important skills you can develop as a forex trader is to know how to trade just by looking at the price itself. You will learn how to trade from point A to point B without any indicators. This course will teach you an easier and better way to trade forex.

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